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This is sort of a full explanation and summary of my fanfiction I'm writing of Persona. A lot of elements are reminiscent of the games and of the anime. Kaito is the "The main the white silhouette". He is a minion of Igor, has broken the rules and is responsible for the awakening of both Lucas and Keisuke. Kaito has taken an interest in Keisuke's and Lucas' ability. He invites them into his version of the "Velvet Room."

The Shadow Wars

A great evil lurks over Yamagishi High, the students experience fatal anxiety attacks, crime has increased exponentially in Fukuoka and a red mist scorches the sky at night. More Shadows are attacking people. These pills Yamagishi students are taking to alleviate the anxiety and panic attacks are actually making them worse. These drug that are suppose to help them are actually put them over the edge. Note the drug is highly addictive this pills induce one's Persona to forcefully be awakened. A means of unnatural summoning. (Persona Trinity Soul)

The Truth

These creatures known as "Shadows" are the result of the drugs effect on the human pysche. The person's inner personas are so distorted and disrupted that they become the very "Shadows" Keisuke and Lucas fight. This is best seen when Shinn in a psychopathic state summons his Persona to fight Keisuke. While in his psychopathic state his desperation to "stop the hurting" leads Shinn to lose all his remaining sanity and his Persona shrieks and transmogrifies (mutates)into a shadow right before Keisuke's eyes. Keisuke then realizes that there is only thin line separating a Persona from a shadow. As Kaito says it is "the consequence of ones dark subconscious overwhelming them" that changes a Persona into a shadow. (P3)

Relationship with Minokichi & Yuki-Hime

Persona's are inner projections of our self, alter-egos. That is why they often resemble and take the forms of characters from myths or legends we know about. For this fan fiction I have chosen Keisuke's Persona to be Minokichi a character from a Japanese legend of "Yuki-Onna" the "Snow woman".

See description of actual story : | Minokichi Story]

A long time ago, there lived two woodcutters, Minokichi and Mosaku. Minokichi was young and Mosaku was very old.One winter day, they could not come back home because of a snowstorm. They found a hut in the mountain and decided to sleep there. On this particular evening, Minokichi woke up and found a beautiful lady with white clothes. She breathed on old Mosaku and he was frozen to death. She then approached Minokichi in order to breathe on him, but then stared at him for a while, and said: "I thought I was going to kill you, the same as that old man, but I will not, because you are young and beautiful. You must not tell anyone about this incident. If you tell anyone about me, I will kill you." Several years later, Minokichi met a beautiful young lady, named Oyuki (yuki = "snow") and married her. She was a good wife. Minokichi and Oyuki had several children and lived many years happily. Mysteriously, she did not age at all. One night, after the children were asleep, Minokichi said to Oyuki: "Whenever I see you, I am reminded of a mysterious incident that happened to me. When I was young, I met a beautiful young lady like you. I do not know whether it was dream or she was a Yukionna..." After finishing his story, Oyuki suddenly stood up, and said "That woman you met was me! I told you that I would kill you if you ever told anyone about that incident. However, I can't kill you because of our children. Take care of our children... " Then she melted and disappeared. After that, no one saw her.

Since Project IC is about the myths and legends of this sort (with the Diamond Moon)and such I decide to base this fan fiction of this Japanese legend. Keisuke's Persona is Minokichi. We also have a character named Mio-san. Her personality is like Oyuki but don't get on her bad side. Mio's Persona is Yuki-Hime (snow princess). The story will thus be centered around them. Unlike conventional Persona's Minokichi can take a "Chibi Form" when he is not evoked by Keisuke via soul card. It is one of Keisuke's special abilities, that his Persona can freely escape into this form.

Sort of like this (Amidamaru - Shaman King) Miniokichi evolves into Miniokichi no Daiou later in the fan-fiction


Lucas' persona is Okuninushi, actually a persona found in the games. In Japanese Myth Okuninushi is the son-in-law of the storm god, Susanoo and was the ruler of Izumo. In Persona :


In the fan-fiction Okuninushi evolves into Ashihara-Shiko-no-Ou the "Great War God"

Main story plot

On the night of the "Blood Stained Moon" (Red Moon) Fukuoka the moon is blood shot red, and the sky is scorched by a red mist. On these nights even in Spring (May) in Japan a heavy and intoxicating snowfall covers Fukuoka. Nothing is more frightening then to be out and about on this night. These who wandering out on the streets on these nights disappear into the red mist. During nights of the "Blood Stain Moon" the night seems to last an eternity. But what is more horrifying is the next day they are found buried underneath the snow their bodies drenched in their own blood. It is easy to spot these corpses because their blood stains and seeps into the pure white snow. The locals begin calling these "Red Patches" for ever one "Red Patch" another corpse is found. First it was just one or two "Red Patches" a serial murder? Then it become a whole park full of Red patches as if one was to be planting their bodies in a twisted garden. During all these nights Mio-san has terrible nightmares of herself walking and wandering through the streets and in ever direction she looked was a "Red Patch" She often dreaming of waking up in a pool of blood herself, her hands stained with blood of those whom had been murdered. It during these nights when a strong shadows appears from within the red mist. Thus Keisuke, Lucas and Tammy set off onto the streets to defeat the powerful shadow that emerges each night of "Blood Stained Moon"(Red Moon). Each time uncovering more clues as to its origins and if possible to find a way to stop it from occurring.

Lure of the Demon King

When Mio-san finally open up about her nightmares to Keisuke and the others they decide to all protect her during the upcoming night next Red Moon. Mio-san's nightmares have intensified to the point where she can hear a voice calling for her, beckoning her to come into the mist. During the night, Mio-san fails into her usual trance and falls asleep. It is then Keisuke and other discover her Persona, Yuki-hime summoned during Mio-san's sleep. She only is ever summoned during Red Moon and Yuki-hime wanders off into the streets. Following Yuki-hime, Keisuke and other wandering deep inside the red mist opening up a whole another different dimension they had yet to discover. Usually about this time the Red Moon would be over but with each passing of the Red Moon the night becomes even longer than the next. It is inside this new dimension that they confront a shadow unlike they've ever face before. The shadow claiming to be a minion of the Great Demon King (Who's name I have not come up with) wants Yukihime. The Minion exclaims that it is here to usher in the revival of the the demon king. Centuries ago, the Demon King was sealed by a Snow Queen inside a snowy white mountain, trapped inside a block of ice (glacier). The only way to free the demon king is for a decedent of the Snow Queen (Yuki-hime) to unlock the seal and break the ice. The Demon King thus sent his minions to capture Yuki-hime. The Demon King is responsible for the night of the "Blood Stain Moon". The closer he is to becoming free the more the Red Moon occurs. With each Red Moon, the night will grow longer until the world is forever enveloped in complete night. The Demon Minion proves to difficult for Lucas and Keisuke just as it seems all hope was lost, Mio-san arrives she uses Yuki-hime's power to defeat the demon minion. Before the battle is over, the Demon King speaks through his minion saying that his power is growing that his revival is soon and that he has embodied a human vessel for time being. Soon his body will be set free from the ice prison and the world shall witness his resurrection. Afterwards, Mio-san joins Keisuke and Lucas to put a stop to the Demon King. With each passing of the Red Moon they explore deeper into the dimensions inside the red mist. Defeating more of the Demon King's Minions and drawing closer to the location of the Demon King. However, unbeknown to them the Demon King watches from a distance inhabiting the body of Shinn. It seems that somehow the drugs and the Demon King are connected that the Demon King used the drugs to "induce" a suitable host body.

Demon King Trap

The Demon King as Shinn anxious for his revival lures Keisuke and the others into a deadly trap. They are lured into a dangerous dimension in which they are trapped. Shinn confront them as the Demon king and tries to finish Keisuke and Lucas off while trying to extract Yuki-hime from Mio. (Persona extraction - Trinity Soul) In the process Miosan unleashes a devastating amount of power defeating Shinn and his shadow but at the cost of her life. Shock that Mio-san gave her life to save them, Lucas has an Epiphany and realizes what it truly means to fight protect something. That's when Lucas' persona evolves into Ashihara-Shiko-no-Ou. With this new found power they finally defeat Shinn's shadows. However, Shinn (Demon King) escapes as the dimension begins to close. During the weeks after the group mourned the loss of Mio-san. Tammy also experiences a similar revelation after Mio-san's funeral and her Persona also evolves. Keisuke unable to forgive himself, has an effect on Minokichi, unable to move on has inhibited Minokichi from evolving.The shadows have grown more power and with Minokichi unable to get stronger it has taken a tole on Keisuke. Keisuke not strong enough to defeat the shadows enters a phase of losing battles and despair. With the Demon King's revival approaching closer Lucas decides to raise Keisuke fighting spirit. Soon the weather became colder and snow began to fall even without the Red Moon. The Demon King's revival was now inevitable and without means to stop it thing seemed hopeless. The night finally came the Red Moon, Lucas and Keisuke were happy they defeated the powerful shadow without much difficulty this time. However the next day, the red mist did not clear... Although the red moon was gone the mist still covered the sky. Citizen began to panic for the end of the world. Keisuke and the others decided that they would explore inside the mist. Once inside the mist they found they were in a sort of frozen iceland. This was where the Demon King was sealed. The glacier that body was seal in was beginning to crack the seal was weakling. Lucas exclaimed that they must now confront Shinn before they the seal is broken or all hope is lost. However, Shinn's power has also grown exponentially and proved too much for Keisuke, Lucas and Tammy. If only Mio-san were with them. As Shinn was about to deliver the final blow. Kaito (igor's minion) appears before Keisuke and tells him he has one more hope. Keisuke then finds himself inside Kaito's dimension. Kaito plan is for Keisuke to return to past and avert Mio-san's untimely death. Keisuke agrees and Kaito presents Keisuke with a door to the past. (P3 FES) Gone through the door Keisuke finds himself in the past but not in the time he expects, he arrives in the time when Mio-san was 8 years old. It was exactly 10 years ago. Note: Remember Keisuke awakened to his persona 10 years ago. A timed child afraid of the cold, and snow. Keisuke discovers Mio-san had lost her brother in a car accident during a cold winter night with a full moon out. Keisuke discovers it was Mio-san's despair and grief for that day that started the "Blood Stained Moon" nights. Her despair awakened the evil shadow of the Demon King. It also her grief that prevented her from awakening Yuki-hime all those year ahead. Yuki-hime's counterpart is the Demon King. Keisuke decides to help Mio-san work through her loss, with Keisuke help she was able to accept the trauma. Surprising allowing her to awaken Yuki-hime power. Mio-san thanks Keisuke for his help as Keisuke suddenly feels a sudden power awaken from himself. This power allows Miniokichi to finally evolve into Miniokichi no Daiou. Back in the present, time then continues Demon King is about to unleash his finisher when suddenly Keisuke steps out of the door. Wielding Miniokichi no Daiou he catches the Demon King off guard. Keisuke exclaims that he was going to reseal the demon king's body before it got out. With that surprisingly Keisuke summons a second Persona, Yuki-hime Everyone surprised to see Yuki-hime, Keisuke and Yuki-hime begin sealing the Demon King.

True Ending

After resealing the body, they thought the battle was over, the Red Moon effects were dissipating. However, the Demon King had other plans. He exclaimed that he had grown powerful enough to return to his true body and break the break out the ice without undoing the seal first. The Dimension began to shake as the demon king's awoke in his true form. Keisuke opened the door he came out from and told Lucas and Tammy to take Shinn and leave quickly. Lucas refused to leave, saying they should still together and see the fight through. Unable to convince Lucas otherwise, Keisuke and Lucas push Tammy through the door. While facing the Demon King alone. However they were not alone Yuki-hime was with them. With the resolve to finally bring an end to Demon King and the Red Moon they fought.

The Last Scene

In Persona 3 & 4 fashion, the three unleashed a devastating final ultimate attack on Demon King. Right before parting, Keisuke formally says good-bye to Yuki-hime The next day Tammy haven't heard from Keisuke or Lucas goes to school reluctantly to find them cheerfully already at school. More surprisingly was Mio-san was with them. However she was different Mio-san one whom never heard or see a Persona. But she did somehow recognize Keisuke as if she had seen him before. Kaito appears amongst them and congratulates them. "This has been quite a journey, and I believe it has finally come to an end for you both, let me take you both home so you can rest peacefully." At lunch time that day Keisuke and Lucas decided they felt tired, Tammy exclaimed they defeated a Demon king, of course they would be tired. Under the old tree just outside the schoolyard the two put there heads down on the grass. Tammy exclaimed that they both were amazing, and to have glad to have met them both. Tammy gets up and says, "Good bye guys, thank you for everything" The sky was clear and everything look more beautiful than it had in the past months. Satisfied, Keisuke and Lucas both close their eyes finally at peace. A leaf falls from the tree.

Written Chapters

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