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Project Revelations character
File:Akira PRev.jpg
Nickname(s) Akira
Aliases Agent X208
Status Alive
Race Genetically Enhanced Human
Gender Male
Occupation Network Agent
Love Interest(s) TBA
Title Intelligence Coordinator
Abilities Rapid Information Processing, Computing and Engineering, Aikido, Kendō,
Affiliation The Network

After becoming an agent of The Network, all traces of his agent X208 AKIRA's past identity was erased. Unlike the typical agent, Akira chose not to have a surname assigned to his code name. Very few people actual know what is actual name is.

Personality & Character

Early Life

United Alliance Operative

Network Operative


Genetic Enhancement

Agent X208 underwent genetic modification, part of his genes came from not only his biological parents but, was based off another individual later to be determined as Hamari Akira Hoshi. The genetic enhancement results in him showing an ability to process information, deduce, and make predictions efficiently and rapidly. His mind also quite adaptive, and allows him to think while in dire situations.

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