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This is not an attempt to recreate or imitate authentic old English nor do I suspect my diction and grammar to have the caliber in which to write in the authentic style. This is a mere collection of my thoughts written down so I do not forget. I've chosen to write this in a script like format because it is the easiest way to get my ideas down quickly and because I am just too lazy to write in proper form. This was also written as the dialogue as the main focus other elements shall be added in the final version.

This passage is based upon the concept fiction of Infinity Chronicles Break of Reality. The scene takes place on the battlefield shortly after the chaos of that has begun to plague all three nations of BOR. During course two past acquaintances meet once again. One who has turn traitor amongst his people of Aquaria, the other is Hamari a mere guest representative of Aquaria. Both who have formed a prior mutual friendship but now confront one another on this battlefield. The treasonous nobleman who I have not given a name to yet remain nameless, but he has lured Hamari into an ambush and in mere moments enemy soldiers will come to take his life. It is then the nobleman gives his final regulations. The nobleman has no idea of the fate of Hamari for whether by the end of this passage he survives or is killed but has revealed his devious plot and just made clear of Hamari's impending death.

Noble: I must commend your persistence I envy your valiant effort I guess from someone of the likes of you, such can not only be expected. But with that said… If you where indeed so moral that you would have known to stay far from my presence because I cannot bear to see a person neither such as you perish nor could I stand being the one that must strike you down.

Hamari: Why, can't you stand seeing a person another person die or perhaps you still have some conscience that you would feel guilty killing a friend?

Noble: It is your character I wish not to see perish, I envy your ability to do good that is I fear without you that the world will grow even more incompetent and lose more than it has already. You who have always managed to do good fortune when even I fell into the lure of darkness.

Hamari: I have also done things I'm not proud of…but you should know that it cannot be helped.

Noble: You don’t understand do you? I've become a pointed blade only made to cut down its target but unless in that I am only a pointed edge and cannot provide protection to its wielder that is my nation. My sole purpose now is to destroy or be destroyed, it is my destiny now. I envy you who seem to only do good. You stand like a shield, mighty a defender of freedom to those who glance upon you a shield that I a dagger, could never pierce through.

Hamari: Is that why I am being hunted? Is it because your afraid that the shield may grow so mighty as to somehow be able to strike once it has defended?

Noble: If that only was my fear on the contrary, if it was left to me I would like enjoyed how much you could develop into…and not just as a warrior.

Hamari: Ironically you led me here to die

Noble: I just wanted to see the boy in which surpasses beyond belief… you and the others known as the Heaven’s Heroes, who knew such a power could be aligned. They say of the three heroes you Hamari are one of them.

Hamari: If I answered, would you consider the situation any differently?

Noble: I know you still process it... the curse.

Hamari: What makes you so sure?!

Noble: That curse mark that you bare on your shoulder can not be broken so easily… merely achieving a new power does not mean the curse no longer plagues you. I know because I saw what that curse mark did to you… and I saw what it is capable of bring forth to this world.

Hamari: (speechless)…

Noble: I know it shattered your sword, the Tenkeishu and in its place an evil blade forged of blood was summoned. I believe they call it the Shinkukimi? If it was not for caring and sincere teacher, they would have slain the monster that the curse turned you into. I saw it all Hamari… and once again I saw it twice! The curse longs to devour you whole doesn’t it?

Hamari: I’m not going to let it control me not a chance!

Noble: You know what is funny? As much pain I could see the curse has brought you I cannot still help thinking why could I be the one who had been cursed? I could take the curse instead of suffering even more when I am stranded on this situation!

Hamari: What are you talking about?!

Noble: Can you understand how it feels to be stranded, to be at border, a standstill…?

I am at a place where I am neither evil nor good! I do not know which side I belong! I despise self-righteousness yet I envy individuals like you Hamari who process morality. I do not wish to inflict pain on others…yet I strongly feel there are those who must perish! I am disgusted by this world how in the end we suffer.

Hamari: Is that why you betrayed your own nation, because you believe in self-justice?

Noble: Betrayal such a convoluted word… it is funny how I am seen as a traitor and yet you not. You abandoned Aquaria and broke the law just as I did, but yet when you returned they greeted you with a hero’s welcome you with pride and dignity and even moments after reinstated you as Leingod Representative. You who are neither from this nation nor even of this world regained the title that may take one a lifetime. How much can you stomp on my pride when you a stranger were forgiven and I who was one of the nation’s children not?

Hamari: With such a grudge you have against me perhaps you should reconsider your decision as to you being not the one to finish me…

Noble: As much as it is my duty now, I could not kill someone who should be entitled to live but if we do not restore balance to this world, the world will only have one course… destruction

Hamari: So you’ve spoken to him… do you really my existence have put this world at jeopardy?

Noble: People not of this world is to be fear with they are as capable as you come from a world that far exceed ours that we are at its mercy and to have your kind enter our world it could only make for our demise at end. You may aid the world now but similarly to this world not everyone from your world is such morally hearted and those are the people that may bring this world to its knees.

Hamari: I’ve told you before I do not know how I got to this world from mine!

Noble: Nevertheless it matters no more, you are surrounded I’ve arranged even more deadest warriors to take your life even if you were to run now you could not escape. With that I bid farewell my friend. I hope after death that it is your world you return to. Because it is where you belong, go home and leave this world at its own course.

Hamari: You know I’m not ready to return yet I made a promise and I’m going to follow through with it, and until I’ve done all I can to keep that promise I am not going anywhere.

Noble: I doubt that but we shall see.