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My motivation is to write a sci-fi fantasy story which will explore humanity this fictional setting I am constructing. Since my setting is still being constructed, I will refer to this setting generally as "The World."



  • Secret Service
  • Cybernetics
  • Enhanced Genetics
  • Illusive Organizations
  • Warfare

Inspired Locations This story will take place in around "The World" the setting is inspired by real-life but is all fictional. These are just some example settings

Neo-Tokyo: Busy futuristic cyberpunk themed city controlled by rivaling Mafia. (Think Blade Runner)
Mountainous Tibetan Area: Secluded mountainous civilization, Futuristic yet still integrates ancient traditions. Study of Buddhist like philosophy in midst of futuristic ideas. Example they wear robes and Monk's cloth but their clothing glows and light up aesthetically (like in "Tron"). Futuristic buildings which resemble shrines and pagodas.
Metro City: A Gold lit metropolitan city.


With this work, I want to explore the following themes.

Genetics Vs. Cybernetics : Questioning of which is a superior design? Two philosophies: Can we use our unlocked knowledge about the natural evolutionary process (our genes) to give birth to a new type of humans or should we synthetically be creating the ultimate humans?
Artificial Intelligence vs. Human-Kind : Finding the means of creating a world where AI's and Humans can co-exist. Is it inevitable that one will have to dominate the other? Are AI's just servants of their creators or can they serve a greater purpose? What will happen once an AI is more advanced than its creator?
Human Society and Legacy : In this world there will those who seek to control human history and society. Given this capacity they have seek to guide humanity towards their will. Is it right for a small group of individuals to decide the fates for all the rest of mankind?
Deus Ex Machina : In particular, the idea how to represent the sum of all human accomplishments that will potentially be? If it was given a form what would it look like? How would a person recognize it. If it became an entity which wanted to be known? Idea that a god is not which who created the world but the sum of all what man-kind can accomplish.

See Also: Plot Background and Summary of Project Revelations


I have inspirations from a variety of sources, the ones I have the listed most directly inspired the creation of characters, concepts, and plot.

Music :



  • Philip K. Dick - Author of such works as Blade Runner and Total Recall