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This is the introductory exposition to a untitled project I am working on. It is meant to set the tone and atmosphere of this new setting.

Characters Mentioned

Network Agent - X208 Akira

Strategic Tactical Investigations Force (Detective) - Roy Mercer

Researcher in Artificial Intelligence Dr. Hans Mikaels, "The Doc"

Network Agent (Field Operative) – Jacob Mercer

Network Agent (Analyst) - Melissa Williams

Network Contact (Driver) Jeeves

Network Agent - Keisuke

Network Agent - Tammy

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Author's Notes


A world similar to our own, but accelerated to the point where excess information is so over abundant that fact and fiction are indistinguishable. Agent X208 Codename Akira is intelligence operative, an ‘Agent’ of the Network. His job is to supply clients with the facts and predictions. The Network is comprised of many entities, a global organization working with governments, businesses, and the corporations it is comprised of.


Agent Akira is to meet Former Detective Roy Mercer at an disclosed location. The location does not really matter however, Akira notices that security around the location has increased in response to an "act of terrorism" that occurred several years ago. Roy Mercer presents Akira with some information concerning the disappearance of Dr. Hans Mikaels a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence. Mercer tries to convince Akira he and his team should investigate.

Additional Details

It should be clear that Mercer and Akira have a long professional relationship in that Mercer mentions working with Akira's father in the distant past. Both individuals seem to have a deep respect one and another. Before they end their conversation, Mercer reluctantly asks if his son, Jacob Mercer is doing well. Akira tells Roy to go see Jacob himself. This alludes to Roy and Jacob's poor relationship as result of Jacob's cybernetics.

Author's Suggestion to read profile Jacob Mercer and Roy Mercer for even more backstory related to Roy and Jacob's relationship that will be explored in later chapters.

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