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This is the first chapter to untitled project. Also see the introduction.

Characters Mentioned

Network Agent - X208 Akira

Network Agent (Field Operative) – Jacob Mercer

Network Agent (Analyst) - Melissa Williams

Network Contact (Driver) Jeeves

Network Agent - Keisuke

Network Agent - Tammy

Network Agent - Alicia Garcia

Chief Arthur Sutherland

Metro City Police Department Officer Gregory Amada

Robert Callaway

Additional Characters

  • Metro City Officer
  • Hospital Nurse

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Author's Notes



While Jacob Mercer investigates his father's involvement in the Dr. Hans Mikaels' case, Akira continues to track down leads to learn more about the doctors disappearance.

Additional Details

The first part of the chapter explores the character Jacob Mercer. Very early it is revealed that Melissa Williams did not falsify Jacob Mercer's identity during the police scan. The implication is that Melissa could have falsified the agents credentials but choice not to for a specific reason. From the police officer's impressions of Jacob, he has gone through heavy cyberization. They search through Roy Mercer's suite(which once belonged to Jacob). At one point Jacob is zoned out, trapped within a past memory taking place during the time of his military service. He hears voices in his head, of whom those voices are from is unknown at this point.

The second part of chapter there is a brief scene with Akira and Jonathan Rutherford discussing the Network's ideals. It should be noted that this is the first time Jeeves has opened up to Akira. Even though they have known each other for sometime now, Jeeves has always refrained from talking about his personal life and view of the Network until now. In the end, Akira erases Jeeves' memories.

Afterwards he runs into Richard Sutherland and agent Alicia Garcia. Some details about Richard Sutherland are stated:

  • Sutherland is the Head of Public Security
  • Has connections to the Network, and asks for Agent Garcia's assistance.
  • Knows that Akira and his team are investigating Hans Mikaels' disappearance.
  • Also acquainted with Roy Mercer
  • Akira refers to Richard Sutherland as "Old Man"

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