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In the presumably distant future, the vast majority of Earth's population is wiped out by a cataclysmic war known as the Great Destruction. The harsh conditions that result force the few remaining survivors to live underground for years, during which time corporations come to power. At the time these Corporations wages war on each other they used masked weapons known as the Riders. The Riders has always had a big role to play in history, these mercenaries are the greatest weapons that remains from The Great Destruction. 200 years has passed since then and the humans started to return to the surface. Most of the Riders are now formed together into an organization known as “Inner Sanctum”. Sanctum is a neutral "mediation" organization responsible for setting up contracts between Riders and the Corporations. The Sanctum has only one primary stipulation: no Rider can directly accept a contract from a client without going through the Sanctum first. All was but peaceful in the foreground, but behind the scene an old corporation in which was thought to have started “The Great Destruction” revived.

At the same time the collaboration of the Organizations (Zect,Smart Brain,BOARD) responsible for building the New Earth started to have a power struggle. The battle between the Corporations has re-emerged and continues unabated. Now a Corporation that has been revived entered the scene; this Corporation, Shocker, while nowhere near the size of the other Corporations, does have a trump card; it has complete control over a brand new and very useful resource, and they don't intend to share. The other Corporations obviously won't sit back and let that stand, so they set up contracts with Riders through Inner Sanctum. Of course, Shocker is employing the use of the Ravens as well, and a full-scale conflict seems apparent on the horizon. After the full scale war, Most Riders were either killed or defeated, the human and other beings (Undead,Orphenoc etc) also suffered. This was due to Shocker’s failure to control one of its excavated Ancient weapons. Its activation caused a huge blow to everyone. As the Weapon was shut down and destroyed, the Corporation Shocker disappeared once again. Rider’s inner Sanctum was also destroyed, and the Riders now few in numbers are scattered all over the place. Some going to the new “Trinity” while others’ disappeared only to reemerge as part of “Oracle”.

Oracle - A force of Riders formed by Decade sworn to fight against the Alliance. Oracle has captured the old Shocker installation known as Thunder Citadel. Decade has also put out a huge bounty on any Riders caught working for Trinity.

Trinity/Alliance - Alliance is a coalition of BOARD, Smart Brain, and Zect that was formed after a grand scale assault from Shocker’s "unknown" units left the three organizations in pieces. They've also issued bounties on both Riders employed by the Oracle organization and Ronin(Renegade Riders).

Enforcers - The military arm of the Alliance super-collation. Led by the Rider Accel, it is charged with defending the Alliance headquarters and suppressing the activities of Oracle and the other local warlords.

Organizations From the Old War.

Old War is a term used to describe the Conflict, prior to the “The Final Day” Incident. During the Old War it was a war waged between the Corporations for land in a region owned by Shocker.

• Inner Sanctum - The successor to Global Haven, Global united all the Rider 50 years prior to the current corporate reign and housed almost all the Riders at one time. After its fall the Rider and their systems once again is scattered to the Corporation and world government. Inner Sanctum reunited most of the Rider once again. Inner Sanctum is a neutral "mediation" organization responsible for setting up contracts between Riders and the Corporations. The Sanctum has only one primary stipulation: no Riders can directly accept a contract from a client without going through the Sanctum first. They are also very against two Sanctum riders fighting each other in the fields, and like to settle things in an already made arena. The rules are simple the Losing rider must forfeit the right to the use of their system. After a certain amount of persuasions, Sanctum too became corrupted right before War’s end it’s infrastructure was overthrown by a Rider name “ Decade” because of Decade’s action the balance of power and distribution of contracts became uncontrollable. Inner Sanctum was destroyed when it was assaulted by Board and Zect at the same time. During the final days of the war before the Ancient weapon was activated by shocker. Sanctum would have seized to exist.

• BOARD - The largest and most powerful of the Corporations. Despite their impressive strength, BOARD is still expanding into the region and is meeting with fierce opposition from Shocker, a smaller corporation already heavily entrenched in the region. BOARD has its eye on Shocker's unique assets and is not above starting a war to acquire them. BOARD would be the one who started the war. During the final hours when the weapon was activated Board‘s force would have taken the biggest blow. Due to the fact that most of its forces were there to take the weapon’s full blast. BOARD was the one of the last candidates to admit defeat, and it was the third Corporation to sign up to join Alliance. Giving up its individuality.

•Zect- The second largest Corporation behind BOARD. Zect is also working its way into Shocker’s region but seems to be too concerned with self-defense and preservation than to stick its nose in the escalating conflict between BOARD and Shocker... well, at least not too often, and only when there's an advantage to do so. If push comes to shove, however, ZECT has an army of private Manufactured Riders, led by the intimidating Android Rider known as Rider Black, ready to step into the fray on its behalf. During the War Zect was said to be the smartest of all the Corporations. Until it decided to take on both Shocker and BOARD at the turn point of the War. Zect had an internal executive problem, and began having problems with it manufactured Riders. In the end Zect had to hired Riders from Sanctum to fight their own manufactured Riders. With the weapons’ Blast at the final hour. Zect would too have seized to exist, if it wasn’t for the fact that they were the ones to propose the Alliance plan. Today Zect has the most influence within the Alliance.

•Smart Brain - One of the smaller Corporations. Smart Brain is a technical innovator always on the look out to acquire new resources and refurbish lost technologies to help their advancement in Biotechnology. Smart Brain remains a primarily selfish and opportunistic player, offering aid with one hand and striking out with the other when the time is right. As it is, they have a small alliance with Shocker for the time being. Should it come to war between BOARD and Shocker though, Smart Brain's loyalty could go either way. Smart Brain’s obsession with biotechnology led to its downfall, during the war. Zect after learning that Smart Brain was working with Shocker to create terrible bio weapons decided to lead an invasion force and invaded the Smart Brain region. With one fell swoop Zect came out victorious over Smart Brain. Smart Brain even with a bigger force and organized executives could do nothing against the might of the Rider’s employed by Zect. In the end they helped Shocker Activate the ancient weapon, which would lead to their own downfall. Smart Brain is the smallest part of the alliance today.

•Shocker - A Revived Corporation formed back 100 years ago. Shocker has a monopoly on a new resource and control over the region of the world where this resource can be found, and they aren't playing nice with it. Their all-out refusal to divulge any information on this resource, much less share it with the other Corporations, has led to rivalries and even conflicts with the other Corporations. BOARD is proving to be Shocker’s chief rival. Shocker stood no chances against BOARD’s superior numbers. With the Coup Da tat led by Decade, Shocker was no longer able to get contracts with Sanctum’s Riders and began to lose the war to BOARD immediately. With no where to Run they turned to Smart Brain to activate and Ancient Weapon. Little did they know that the weapon would wipe them and destroy most of the work the world has been working to rebuild.

•Linear Industries - A local Locomotive and Ship manufacturer. Linear tries not to involve itself in the current conflict and continues to remain neutral. Linear focuses only on engine research and development. This was the case until Shocker was revived; Linear started manufacturing weapons for Shocker, and transporting the resources. Right under BOARD’s nose. Linear Industries did not play much role until the verylast moment and the aftermath. It was Linear Industries’ hired Rider “Zeronos” that destroyed the Ancient Weapon that was activated. Afterwards Linear would be absorbed into Alliance. It’s only Rider hired is MIA and is presumed dead.

•Administrating Enterprise (AE) - A bureaucratic organization designed to police the corporations and keep them all in check. The organization is, for lack of better words, quite incompetent and is bullied into complying with the wishes of the larger corporations very often. BOARD constantly uses theAE to its own advantage. AE also employs usually the weakest Riders with outdated systems G3 and G4. When AE had adequate evidence to take on the Corporation they showed up with a small contingency force to try to suppress the war between the corporations. But unfortunate for them They were caught in the weapon’s wake. AE lost all of its assets it only remaining item was the G3. It is said that the Operator died and the G3 system ended up at the hands of it’s first Operator. Currently, G3 is part of Oracle.

The Rider System


Long ago, almost 800 years in the past, back before “The Great Destruction”. Corporations did not hold any power over its ruling nations and united federation. It wasn’t till that one faithful day when the terrorist organization “Shadow” got a hold of a nuclear weapon and handed it over to a ruling military lord in the main continent. With the Nuclear Blast, nations started to war against each other over a misunderstanding. At first the Federation was honest and pure not corrupted, until its ambitions grew too large and it tried to take over all of the world and space.

The Federation with its massive military might, and better technology soon regained control over the world and is said to have wipe the terrorist off the face of the planet. They were wrong; before they knew it “Shadow” has taken things to another level. It would take years but the Federation started to finally show its true colors with its oppression of the colonies in space. A man named Edward Kuabara would sympathize with “Shadow” and work with them to bring an end to the Federation. Shadow had a charismatic leader whose name has been lost and condemned with the history books. He was known as the messiah or face. The messiah controlled Shadow on the Earth while, Edward was left in charge in space. As Space declared war on the Earth, the Earth’s surface had become uninhabitable due to the Nuclear and Ion cannon that had been fired upon them from space.

The surface no longer habitable, humans escape into their underground cities and/or flea up into space. The Lunar government has won its war with the now powerless Federation. Later on the people would find out that it was the Messiah that caused the war, so they hunted him down. Edward so infatuated with the man and his ways, invented an Armor system to protect him. This was the first Rider System known as the “Shadow” System. The messiah was untouchable with the armor on he was able to even survive a nuclear blast. As time went by he became a legend and both him and Edward was forgotten with history. 200 years after the presumed death of the Messiah, Edward’s great grandson discovers the Blue print to the armor system. The taboo technology then lives again, as Edward’s great grandson; Carlos would go on to create this legendary weapon for his special op super soldier. The special op wing in which Carlos worked for a division of the Space Military force was known as “Shocker”. The super Soldier that wielded the system was named “Phantom”, Phantom with his rider system would go on to become the most famous soldier of his time. At the end of his military career he created a company that united all the paramilitary, mercenaries’ and contractor into one organization called

“Paradise” as the years went by to honor the dead Phantom, the company was renamed “Shocker”. Shocker would become the worlds fore front weapons manufacturer, and they would invent the first full production Rider System which they call “One”. This was the beginning of the War which leads to the Great Destruction and the birth of the warriors who fight to control destiny “The Riders”. After a small conflict, Shocker was divided and new corporations form from the now dissolved Shocker. These corporations would go on to create their own variation of the Rider Systems. With The Great Destruction surviving companies still manufactured the systems.

History of the Rider System, Courtesy of the Zect Corporation

It is said that not everyone can become a rider, not every human can become a rider, and even so some systems requires you not even be human. In the end the systems chooses its user, as it was commented by one of the older Rider. And that is what they say is that. As long as they are human lives to be protected, they will always be Riders. But something tells me they’re not supposed to be fighting each other. Hmm… Sad.

-Dual Face (The Tenth)

Shocker Loyalists - A group of Alliance scientists who are still loyal to Shocker as a separate entity from the Alliance. They are rumored to be continuing the bio-weapon experiments started by Shocker back before the fall of this core. They work from a secret facility in the Miren Desert.

Ronin- Riders and non-Riders (Unknowns, Undead, Worms, none many of these still remain) alike who command their own small armies in the region (Most Notable is Agito). Most of the Ronin are strongly anti-Alliance and are looking to use Decade's upcoming war to their advantage, but Decade has plans for them...

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