List of Last Rider Characters

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Oracle Riders

• Decade- Former #3 in Rider’s ranking by Sanctum and now leader of Oracle. He was integral in toppling the Sanctum. He disappeared after The Outbreak Incident, but returned four months later and formed Oracle.

• Diend - He is Decade’s right hand Rider and is very skillful. He appears to be controlling Oracle for Decade.

• Kaixa- A Rider that is very loyal to Decade’s cause, he is a complete Zealot and Fanatic, for creating a new world order.

• Kuuga- Decade’s best friend, his friendship to Decade is one of the most valuable assest to Oracle. He is often giving advice to Decade, and is one of the best riders in Oracle’s arsenal.

• G3 - A veteran Rider, G3 recently came out of retirement to aid Oracle and its ideals. His Rider system is outdated and he is generally weaker than the other riders. Nevertheless G3 provides much wisdom and guidance needed for taming Decade from doing anything too reckless. His views on Decade’s decorations are mixed.

• Kabuto-A Oracle Rider who is deemed by Decade to be a talented and skillful combatant. Alliance intelligence says he is the most dangerous Rider, due to his “Clock Up” System. He is usually the frequent target for the Enforcers.

Alliance Riders

• Accel- A Rider who was expelled from the Sanctum after setting up direct and illegal contracts with corporations. He has since joined Alliance and has become the commander of its military wing, the Enforcers. Accel considers himself the best Rider out of all, and nurses a strong inferiority complex which drives him to constantly prove himself in combat.

• Drake- He is a very skilled Rider and Accel’s right hand man. He is loyal only to Accel and will follow him where ever he goes.

• Blade - A young and talented Rider that works for Alliance. He is the second best in the Enforcer Unit.

• Den-O(Gun form)- A female Rider who joined Alliance because she believed they could protect her. Ever concerned for her own safety, she always brings backup with her whenever she deploys on missions. (Den O’s Forms are Split in this RP)

• Rider 2 – A young prodigy, that uses and older rider system. Identical to the Number 1 rider that ruled Sanctum, Rider one.

• Zabee - A high ranking Rider that utilizes unfair advantages, to conquer other riders. His victories are very controversial ones.


• Double - A female Rider who is one of the few fully independent Riders left. Despite being a relatively new Rider she is rumored to be the most skilled independent Rider. She has no interest in Decade's war on Alliance and is simply fighting to survive. She fights to prove her abilities in purely fair combat. Rumor has it that she is stronger than all of the Oracle and Alliance Riders. (Double is a Single entity here in this RP)

• Amazon - A cunning and dangerous Rider bounty hunter, Amazon doesn’t care about the war. All he cares about is the fact that he gets to hunt other riders, and enjoys seeing them in pain. His reputation is of a bad one and he has been known to commit genocide of all the orpehnoc. Prior to the fall of the shocker organization.

• Kiva – A young leader of a contingent assisting Oracle. His life is in great danger as Accel has him marked as the next target for the Enforcer. He is currently on the Run, and his location is unknown. But Gatack seems to know where he is….

• Agito- He is the head of an armed group opposed to Oracle. Agito has been providing back up forces for Oracle in terms of none riders. He has the ability to speak with the creatures “Unknowns” and often use them to do his biddings. Accel does not trust Agito.

• Gatack-He is a man that was recently chosen by the Zector, in which Zect thought has dissapeared. After his debut his stubbornness caused Diend immediately put out a bounty on him for not siding with Oracle. Accel did the opposite and offered Gatack safety and glory with Alliance. Gatack remained a Ronin until only a couple of days before " The Final Day" Incident. He also participated in the Massacre on " Terror Friday"(Gatack is a Last Minute Addition)