Melissa Williams

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Melissa Williams
Project Revelations character
Aliases Agent X138
Status Alive
Race Genetically Enhanced Human
Gender Female
Occupation Network Agent
Title Intelligence Analyst
Family Unknown
Abilities Rapid Information Processing, Hacking, Hapkido, Markmenships
Affiliation The Network, The Syndicate

Melissa Williams is an agent of The Network, she was recruited because she impressed recruiters with her incredible capabilities, she was quickly promoted to Intelligence Analyst, at which point she was then assigned to Agent X208.

Personality & Character

Displaying a talent for analyzing data and information quickly and thoroughly made her a choice candidate to become a Intelligence Analyst for The Network. Her cunning and resolve quickly attract the attention of her peers. Although, Akira does tell her on occasion that her dedication to analyzing every minute detail sometimes inhibit her from conceptualizing the data as a whole which is also important to analysis.

Carefully examining and seeing where the pieces fit, is only one aspect of this job…it is useless, unless you think of the entire picture, and how it will look when actually assembled

Akira, Project Revelations, Introduction.

However, Akira also can see the value of someone as passionate as Melissa and he himself admits often that he cannot help but admires her capabilities.

See Draft:Introduction to Project Revelations for source.



Genetic Enhancement

It is revealed that (similar to Agent X208) Melissa also underwent genetic enhancement.

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