Plot Background and Summary of Project Revelations

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The United Alliance : A Representative Body for all the world wealthy and powerful nations. It is backed by several powerful political entities.

The Coalition of Independent Nations : Sovereign Nations that decided to remain independent of the United Alliance. Non-signatories which declined a centralized governing body. The coalition was then formed as leverage over the United Alliance.

The Aristocrats : An independent nation whose government is legislated by an aristocracy of several noble families. The aristocrats elect the family whom will then have the power to appoint the leading members of the nation.


The Network : An globally formed intelligence agency that supplies classified intelligence to private stakeholders. The Network officially refrains from aligning themselves with any jurisdiction which allows them to interfere with the affairs of any nation. The Network is divided into several independent nodes, such that many covert projects and endeavors can be active and running all simultaneously. This also means that multiple nodes can be actively competing or cooperating with each other. Operatives are stationed across the globe freely able to move around as they wish. The nodes communicate through the Oracle-Intel System which tracks movements and allows nodes to communicate with each other. Each node of The Network is led by a Coordinator who decides which endeavors their node should take on and reports to Overwatch for mission approvals. Each node is responsible for micromanaging their own operations. The types of assignments taken by The Network range from political espionage to scientific discovery. For example, the Network is responsible for the advancements in ARC technology.

The Strategic Tactical Investigations Force (S.T.I.F) : A recognized international enforcement agency specialized in international affairs within the United Alliance. Ranked above any other law enforcement in the United Alliance, Tactical Investigations' objective is to maintain order. Members of STIF are appointed by the Alliance Council or the Supreme Representative of the United Alliance. Its personnel are selected because of their remarkable military service or law enforcement record. The elite operatives are broken into internal and external investigations. Internal investigations is dedicated to the affairs of United Alliance nations. External Investigations deals with the affairs of foreign nations that are not part of the United Alliance.

Majesty's Guard : Soldiers of the royal aristocrat army.

The Syndicate : Currently Classified


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The Overwatch System : The System that the Network uses to coordinate their activities and technologies.

ARC Technology: Advanced Restorative Cybernetic Systems. This technology includes cyber implants which augmentation human abilities and capabilities with robotics and machinery. The technology was developed by The Network. The ARC 3.0 was the first successful cybernetics to replace whole limb systems and give the enhanced user advanced physical cybernetic capabilities. The research and technology was then taken by the United Alliance which then developed fully modified weaponized version called the ARC 3.5.

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