Roy Mercer

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Roy Mercer
Project Revelations character
Status Alive
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Former Detective of Strategic Tactical Investigations Force
Title Detective

Jacob Mercer (Son)

Julia Mercer (Daughter In-Law-To-Be)
Spouse(s) Linda Mercer (Deceased)
Abilities Standard S.T.I.F Self Defense Training
Affiliation S.T.I.F

Roy Mercer a detective for the Strategic Tactical Investigations Force for a little more than eighteen years. In a report given by Melissa Williams, Roy during his time as a Detective solved over a dozen missing person cases and cases of espionage in only five years. After solving one of his most difficult cases of his career he was promoted to Chief officer. However, several years later a tragedy unfolded while on one of his cases. Shortly then after, he retired from the task force.

Personality & Character

Early Life


See Jacob Mercer

Notable Cases

Critical Failure

Roy was forced to abort a gravely gone wrong mission. A notorious serial murderer, and arsonist sets flame to a ferry carrying civilians passengers. Instead of warning the civilians to evacuate, Roy decided to go after the arsonist. The ship's fuel tank catches on fire and explodes before everyone is able to evacuate. Roy is urged by his subordinates to cease the chase in order to save the civilians. Roy ignored the order and was determined to take down the arsonist, stating "that more people would get hurt if they allowed the arsonist to escape again". However, Roy did not realize until later that his son Jacob Mercer, and Jacob's fiancé were on that ship. Jacob's survives the explosion with critical injuries resulting him receiving cybernetics in order to keep him alive, however, his fiancé did not survive her injuries.

Project Revelations

In the introduction to Project Revelations, Roy Mercer meets Agent X208 in secret to inform him about the disappearance of Dr. Hans Mikaels.